Manufacturing R&D Services

Enhance your manufacturing R&D capabilities by utilizing our Future Factory

DMDII’s location within the UI LABS Innovation Center in Chicago features state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a technical team whose expertise has been honed over decades of solving complex manufacturing problems.

Unlike many other research institutions, the DMDII factory offers a complete, end to end, manufacturing capability. As a non-profit, non-commercial facility, the DMDII factory can test innovative technologies to the limit without the fear of failure. You can get real production data without disruption and calculate a data driven return on investment before making process changes or capital procurement decisions.

Our approach

We take a use-case based approach. We don’t just work on technology for technology’s sake. What are the biggest problems which are limiting your factory productivity growth? What are the challenges preventing you from moving your operations into the digital age to solve these problems? DMDII can help.

How it works

Both academic and commercial institutions can utilize our equipment for as long as several months, with the option of receiving in-depth support from our technical team.  The DMDII technical team has mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, systems integration engineering, manufacturing engineering, machinist, and assembly specialist on staff. We specialize in the development and application of digital technologies across these disciplines and throughout the PLM spectrum.

By using our testbed and leveraging our team, you can enhance your R&D performance and lower costs by:

  • Augmenting your team with world-class technical talent that has decades of experience in topics such as:
    • Controls
    • Automation
    • Machining
    • Design
    • Data analytics
    • Sensors
    • Tooling
    • Integration
    • Simulation
    • Test systems
    • Cost of quality
  • Avoiding costly equipment purchases or taking current equipment offline to perform experiments
  • Testing the implications of your experiment on integration with other systems and later stages of the manufacturing process using our real-world environment

When your team is ready to improve your manufacturing efficiency and productivity, our equipment and expertise are available.

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