Our Team:

Caralynn Nowinski Collens, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Brenna Berman

Executive Director, City Digital

Tom McDermott

Chief Program Officer
Executive Director, DMDII

Kevin McDunn

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Seeman

Chief Business Officer

Iqbal Arshad


Andre Gudger

Senior Advisor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence


Bryan Audia

Communications and Design Associate

Mark Babcock

Manager, Contracts and Operations

Jim Barkley

Director, Digital Manufacturing Commons

Brench Boden

Chief Technology Officer, DMDII

Kathy Buenik

Senior Manager, Operations + Community Outreach

Colette Buscemi

Senior Director, Strategic Programs + Partnerships

Anthony Butler

Corporate Events Manager

Erin Connell

Corporate Events Associate

Melissa Cosgrove

Special Assistant to the CEO

Tony Del Sesto

Director, Manufacturing R&D

Yolanda Dunn

Executive Assistant

Michael Fornasiero

Program Manager, Workforce Development + SMM Engagement

Alex Frank

Program Manager, City Digital

Colleen Garlington

Director, Business Operations + Assistant General Counsel

Shaun Glassman

Director, Strategy

Doug Hinckley

Systems Integration Lead

Bill Hurley

Chief Building Engineer

Jessica Juozapavich

Director of Finance

Scott Kruse

Project Innovation Engineer

David Leopold

Director, Program Management, City Digital

Mary Kate Love

Engagement Manager

Joe Mazrimas

Software Engineer, Digital Manufacturing Commons

Amanda Needham

Director, Program Design

Katie Olson

Director, Program Design, City Digital

Kelley Patrick

Manager, Manufacturing

Paul Pierson

Manager, Manufacturing Quality

M.H. Powelson

Finance Manager

Kristen Preble

Community Engagement and Grants Manager

Larry Preston

Manufacturing Operations Associate

Elle Ramel

Strategic Partnerships, City Digital

April Riccardi

Accounting Associate

Diana Rivera

Accounting Associate

William So

Information Technology Specialist

Brendan Stuart


Lizabeth Stuck

Director, Membership Engagement

Alyssa Sullivan

Director, Strategic Communications

Katie Tillery-Merk

Manager, Technology Strategy and Programs

Khai Waterman

Information Security Officer, Digital Manufacturing Commons

Kym Wehrle

Operations Manager, DMDII

Marcin Welninski

Technical Associate, Digital Manufacturing Commons

Song Zhao

Information Technology Manager