UI LABS Portfolio

UI LABS is creating a portfolio of Labs to accelerate the deployment of innovative technology to make lives better and enhance the competitiveness of our nation and region.  

In February 2014, UI LABS announced the formation of its first Lab, the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), through collaboration with the Department of Defense and a host of other partners, to transform American manufacturing through digitization of the supply chain.

DMDII currently has more than 300 partner organizations and more than $30 million awarded to research and development projects throughout the country.

Visit dmdii.org to learn more.


Launched in 2015, City Digital is focused on data-driven urban innovation within the built environment.

The Lab uses cities like Chicago as a test bed for technology and demonstration, focusing on four critical impact areas: Energy Management, Physical Infrastructure, Mobility, and Water and Sanitation.

City Digital, together with its public, private, and academic partners, identifies programs and pilots that focus on value that can only be unlocked through collaboration and coordination of partners and data to improve the design, creation, use, interactivity, and impact of urban infrastructure.

Visit citydigital.org to learn more.

The Illinois Manufacturing Lab (IML) is a partnership between UI LABS and the University of Illinois that helps equip Illinois small and medium manufacturers for the new realities of the changing manufacturing sector. The IML provides advanced manufacturing solutions to the Illinois manufacturing sector to increase its competitiveness, productivity, and profitability.

What's next?

Stay tuned for the launch of our next Lab. We are actively soliciting input on future programming ideas.