17-01 & 17-02 Project Call Summaries

August 4, 2017

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), a UI LABS collaboration, today announces the release of its 2017 Project Call, which requests proposals addressing the DMDII technology thrust: Agile, Resilient Supply Chain. The technical and cost proposals are due on October 2nd by 12pm (CDT).

The title and goal of each request for proposal is listed below.

17-01 Digitally Enabled Supply Chain
Industry has long expressed interest in the use of model-based methods and digital thread capabilities to unlock breakthrough productivity improvements across the supply chain. The automation of critical information flows such as exchange of product and procurement data and reporting of key quality measures, can enhance supply chain visibility and improve performance of the overall enterprise. This request for proposal seeks to create a roadmap and playbooks for implementing digitally-enabled supply chain practices and technologies at both OEMs and SMMs.


17-02 Advanced Analytics for Supply Chain Operations
Supply chain management efforts in large enterprises quickly become more complex as the number of variables increase, including growing numbers of orders, suppliers, geographic regions, data formats, interface standards, systems, and personnel involved in management. These complexities hinder the organization’s ability to proactively discover and resolve anomalies in the supply chain that impact a product’s cost, schedule and quality. DMDII is interested in projects that will develop a decision support solution which enables real-time or near-real-time identification of potential risk/issues in the supply chain.


To facilitate the formation of project teams, DMDII will be hosting a virtual project teaming platform. Information on how to access this platform be provided shortly.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to: DMDII@uilabs.org