How we work

We design collaborative experiences to shape the future of industries where the problems are too big for any one company to solve on its own. Our initial focus on digital manufacturing and urban innovation brings together technical experts, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and leaders in government to reimagine the challenges they face.

By giving our partners access to new approaches, technologies, testbeds, and relationships, we guide them toward solutions that will drive innovation in their industries.

UI LABS takes an active role across the project and partner lifecycle:

  • Curate. We collect insights from our network on what projects have most potential for impact, resulting in informed problem statements – not a “solution looking for a problem.”
  • Partner. By running workshops with the right players to clarify project scope, we broker partnerships and projects that can pilot solutions and test value propositions.
  • Execute. Our project teams drive friction-free execution of pilots, accelerating outcomes tied to the value proposition – or “failing fast” and moving on when success seems unlikely.
  • Deliver. We provide conditions and assets necessary for transition or adoption, delivering use cases and market transition readiness at the conclusion of projects.