October 21, 2015

Do you know what Digital Manufacturing is? There may be many ways to define this term, but take a look below at what Dean Bartles, Executive Director of the DMDII, defines Digital Manufacturing as in this intriguing article published by Manufacturing Tech Insights earlier this month.

By Dean Bartles, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Executive Director – Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, UI LABS

A lot of people hear the term “Digital Manufacturing” and they think of “Additive Manufacturing” which is also referred to as “3D Printing”. Although “Additive Manufacturing” is certainly a part of digital manufacturing because you can send designs right to the 3D printers and have them print the part, digital manufacturing is much broader than that. This definition from CIMdata is one that I’ve always liked: “Digital manufacturing is an integrated suite of tools that work with product definition data to support tool design, manufacturing process design, visualization, modeling and simulation, data analytics, and other analyses.”

I like to think of it this way: Picture yourself…click here to read full article!