Digital Capability Center

The Digital Capability Center (DCC) Chicago is an innovative experiential learning facility located at the UI LABS Innovation Center.

Founded by McKinsey in partnership with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), the center showcases the impact of digital manufacturing and provides training across the entire value chain on digital capabilities that drive bottom-line impact.

The North American DCC brings McKinsey’s deep expertise in digital manufacturing, automation, and business transformation to Chicago, at the crossroads of America’s manufacturing base. It aims to not only help America’s leading manufacturers adapt to new technologies but also to help the next generation grow – preparing smaller and mid-size companies to innovate, while nurturing start-ups.

Digital Capability Center Chicago

A Global Network
The center is part of McKinsey’s network of Digital Capability Centers across the world that give organizations an opportunity to explore Industry 4.0 and prepare for their digital journey. By immersing participants in a realistic, interactive factory environment, McKinsey’s DCCs provide essential hands-on experience with real digital applications, real operators, and real products. McKinsey and its partners are opening five DCCs in Venice, Aachen, Singapore, Beijing, and Chicago.

Interactive Learning
The Chicago center is a hands-on, risk-free learning environment where participants will:

  • Understand how to start, scale, and sustain their digital journey by leveraging the McKinsey digital blueprint
  • Interact with cutting-edge technologies in an authentic production environment
  • Build capabilities at every level of their organizations through tailored workshops
  • Explore 20+ experiential learning modules and leverage deep expertise to identify the technologies that are critical for their business
  • Access an ecosystem of 50+ technology partners providing innovative solutions across the value chain

More information is available on the Digital Capability Center Chicago website and in the press release announcing its launch.