Focus Areas

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute is developing solutions to manufacturing challenges through our partner projects across four key focus areas:

  • Design, Product Development, and¬†Systems Engineering: Creating improved design tools and processes, integrating data across the manufacturing lifecycle, and developing automated manufacturing planning.
  • Future Factory: Enabling digital integration and control in the manufacturing environment, and implementing tools to increase flexibility throughout the production cycle.
  • Agile, Resilient Supply Chain: Facilitating access to digital information, supply chain visibility, and design collaboration.
  • Cybersecurity in Manufacturing: Designing and deploying assessment tools, and establishing a collaborative network for sharing best practices.

DMDII brings together experts from its partner organizations to collaboratively identify challenges within the industry and explore potential solutions. The workshops are intended to produce new projects within DMDII’s focus areas.

For dates and more information about our upcoming workshops, visit the UI LABS events calendar.