Strategic Investment Plan

Read about MxD’s vision to help make U.S. manufacturing the most productive in the world by making “every part better than the last.”

The opportunities presented by digital transformation are great but are too often impeded by a lack of vision, actionable plans, business cases, resources, know-how, cyber assurance, and other
factors. U.S. manufacturers are faced with an urgent challenge to seize this opportunity and make wise technology investments, while not being distracted by any and every technological fad. Last year MxD synthesized the many factors and trends of this moment into a simple, yet powerful vision for U.S. manufacturing: Every Part Better Than the Last.

This remains our focus as we define research themes and specific projects that bring this notion of digitally-powered continuous improvement closer to reality. In 2019, MxD will design and launch projects that integrate multiple technologies to create systems that embody the MxD vision, demonstrate business impact, and overcome real-world impediments by anchoring the scope in specific operational use cases provided by our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturer Members and U.S. Department of Defense stakeholders.

The Technology Strategy Overview is a public, high-level summary of the Institute’s Strategic Investment Plan. The 2019 MxD Strategic Investment Plan is made available exclusively to members and includes use case, problem space, and outcome details on each of the proposed projects. Those interested in learning more about these projects or how to become an MxD member should email

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