Jobs Taxonomy

The Digital Manufacturing and Design business ecosystem grows and evolves every day. For small companies and large enterprises, the digital transformation beckons brightly, capturing broad attention and commanding major initiatives. From the high school and community college “maker space classrooms” – the 21st century “shop class” – to the technology innovation labs of startups; from the C-suite of a global appliance maker to the crafter entrepreneur’s loft workshop; from the floor of the most advanced factory to the bullpen where a factory automation manager works to combine old and new, digital represents an opportunity, a requirement, an equalizer, and an accelerator all in one. Few will escape the challenge of digital transformation. Most hope to embrace it.

The Digital Manufacturing & Design Jobs Taxonomy and Success Profiles were developed by MxD (under its previous name, DMDII) and ManpowerGroup to capture the Digital Workforce Succession in Manufacturing. By defining emerging roles and skills in the digital manufacturing and design space, we hope industry and academia will be able to better align for training and hiring. We welcome you to join in on this important conversation and take a closer look at what we have learned with our partners over the past year.

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  1. “Executive Summary: Partners in Connection – The Digital Workforce Succession in Manufacturing” is available to orient you to the key narratives and content of the Digital Manufacturing & Design Job Roles Taxonomy and Success Profiles.
  2. “Digital Manufacturing & Design Job Roles Taxonomy” provides a more detailed narrative on the full extent of the taxonomy structure, such as the technical domains, DM&D jobs roles, impacts, technical generations, drivers and more.
  3. “Digital Manufacturing & Design Success Profiles” contains information on the first 20 Success Profiles covering their key responsibilities, competencies, experience, positioning, and outcomes.

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