Automated Manufacturability Analysis Software “ANA” – 14-01-07

February 7, 2017

Lead Organization: Iowa State University

Other Organizations: American Foundry Society, John Deere, The Lucrum Group, MFG.com, North American Die Casting Association, Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory, Steel Founders’ Society of America, Tech Soft 3D, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Awarded: February 2016

Description: This project will create a manufacturability analysis package that can work on any platform to provide real-time feedback on critical manufacturing issues. The ANA project builds upon work from the AVM project to develop commercially viable software that will provide feedback to designers at the conceptual design phase. The resulting analysis software will enable conceptual designers to receive immediate feedback on their designs early in the manufacturing process, cutting down the often lengthy conceptual design phase of components. The outcomes of this project will enable significant reductions in manufacturing costs, product launch costs, and time to market.