UI Labs

Transcending Barriers. Building Solutions.

  • Industry has the vision
    and motivation to spark new
    economic growth.

  • Universities provide
    UNTAPPED resources, talent
    and learning.

  • Government brings
    connections and public
    interest to the table.

  • UI Labs is where
    they come together.
    and get to work.

We are a rapidly growing Chicago-based research and commercialization collaborative aimed at applying real solutions to shaping tomorrow’s most important business, economic and cultural challenges. We actively cultivate and channel talent, foster unbiased collaboration and drive economic growth. Creating a better way
forward begins here.

First up, we’re proud to have been awarded the U.S. department of defense’s Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation grant. Next up? Stay tuned.

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Shaping tomorrow. Starting Today.

It’s not enough to see an opportunity. It has to be seized. We must strive to define the important problems of our day, design ways to align the right resources and connect the right people, and deliver brilliant solutions to market.
This is why UI Labs exists.

For Industry

We create partnerships between industry and leading research universities, with
the support of government, for the commercialization of innovative
go-to-market solutions to major
business problems.

For Universities

We create partnerships between leading educational institutions and industries, with the support of government, to create the foundation for world-class applied research leadership, new technologies
and economic growth.

For Government

We create partnerships between leading local universities and industries to produce new technologies and businesses that stimulate job creation, training and economic growth for the future.

change. Making